A bit about me


I was told the “About” page should have insight into the person, and  perhaps an explanation of why he or she does to the work they do. So  here it goes…

I have lived through numerous traumatic situations,  and the lesson I learned, and what I believe is that life has prepared  me to do this work. Once I understood what life was offering, I applied  myself to its path.

I do this work is because I deeply care about  people. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you look  like, or where you’re going. Even if you may not like me, as a living  being I remain concerned regarding your thoughts, emotions, and  spiritual well-fare.

Because I care, over the years I have  studied and tested many theories and beliefs. From this, what I have  come to know is that most of us do not live by the power and conviction  of our own choice, and for nearly all of us, the life we experience is a  mixture of beliefs determined during childhood. Our choices are  pre-programmed, conditioned, prescribed, and embedded by influences that  we, as a child, dare not question. In so many ways, for many of us,  self-included, “choice” was given rather than made.

Fearful  of challenge, many of us accept and tolerate the guiding influence of  unsolicited ideologies, and in doing so we give permission for others to  define right from our wrong. In so many ways tradition, rhetoric, and  dogma has superseded our creativity, inspiration, and self-awareness.

My  goal is that all persons would come to know their true identity, fully  trust their intuitions, and live courageously to fulfill their own  dreams and aspirations.No more mediocrity, only belief, understanding,  and authority of our own choice.

Dirrick L. Williams Sr.

A little bit more about me...

 25+ yrs business operations, BA Theology, Licensed and ordained  minister, Certified life Coach, Author, Columnist, Radio host, Founder  of Principle Living.