Dirrick is a strong and capable  individual whose sense of ethics and integrity is beyond reproach. The  work that he does, understanding what it takes to grow, including  service and commitment to the world to make it a better place.

I am  honored to be able to recommend Dirrick Williams.

Perri McCary, Founder, 

Think Peace International, inc.


From the first time I met Dirrick, I  found him to be an extremely powerful speaker. His knowledge in many  areas allows him to understand others and connect on a personal level.  Dirrick, is hard working and willing to do whatever is necessary to help  others succeed. I look forward to working with him again in the near  future.

Shahin Enayati
Building Sustainable Solutions


Dirrick Williams is a man of principle.  He has a keen ear for listening and will tell you the truth instead of  telling you what you want to hear. He is sincere and compassionate.  Whether you are going to work with him formally or informally, Dirrick  will not let you down!

Christopher Thompson
"The Biz Broker"


Dirrick brings with him a unique, effective approach to  improve the lives around him through a variety of techniques and  inspiration. He has a brain that sparkles wisdom with persistence. In  Chapter 8, page 90 of his book "Principle Living", Dirrick brings into  focus the Universal Law of cause and effect. He states, "All things are  spiritual before they are physical". This essentially reminds readers  how fundamental the spiritual core is linked to our happiness and  success in life. We make spiritual causes to manifest the desired  outcomes that we seek for ourselves as well as others. Discovering our  power through spirituality then becomes a tool to transform our destiny!

Rest assured he always delivers. 

Charlene M.
Interior Designs


I have known Dirrick personally and  professionally. Dirrick has always been a very driven person who likes  to think outside of the box.

He is gifted in so many areas.
I have  talked with Dirrick about Principle Living. I have had the opportunity  to read a few chapters and I am looking forward to when the book is  released.

I know that the principles contained in the book can help many  people in different areas of their lives.

Ernie Morales
Youth Director


 "The benefits of this knowledge results in  more peace and harmony in your relationships and accomplishments,  knowing you are lined up with God’s intended purpose for your life."
– D. Zamperi, Berry, VT.

 ""Very through information! I have not seen these concepts in this perspective - I am definitely thinking!"
– A. Hewitt, Monterey CA.

"A 20-30 minute presentation was enough for me to know it is a program/process I want to activate in my own life."
-A. Kisselberg, San Diego, CA. 

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